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Zebra Cobra Owner Is Being Charged For A Snake Escape

You are currently viewing Zebra Cobra Owner Is Being Charged For A Snake Escape
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Not much longer after a week of terror, a rogue zebra cobra has been captured. In which case, the townspeople are safe… For now. In a neighborhood up north, this venomous zebra cobra was handled by the animal control authorities. The bad news is the snake owner is going to receive loads of charges for being negligent. To say the least. And you would think that the guy would actually be more responsible in this instance. But really, it is his fault.

Christopher Michael Gifford, a 21-year-old screwed up big time by violating state regulations when it comes to owning venomous reptiles. There are actually 40 charges involved in these misdemeanors. There, a resident of Sandringham Drive was able to spot a zebra cobra in the dead of the night. Not far from the home itself. Residents became super scared of this and essentially entered a mini-lockdown with all the fear induced by the zebra cobra.

He knows he should’ve kept an eye on his Zebra Cobra.

Investigators approached Mr. Gifford’s home, at his house, where several other venomous reptiles were “safely secured.” From the misdemeanors, there were some filed against Gifford that says the zebra cobra was loose as early as November. In that case, Gifford, in all of his infinite wisdom, should’ve notified law enforcement that the snake escaped. Though the state doesn’t ban ownership of venomous snakes, the residents of North Carolina really do have to follow exact rules as they are posted.

In such situations, like housing them in secure spots with warnings, authorities need plenty of notifications when any of those dangerous reptiles get loose. Thirty-six of the misdemeanors that are going on Gifford’s record note that there should not be venomous snakes kept in plastic containers, with no locks. Some others in the loop happened to mislabel the containers for some snakes in particular. Gifford didn’t really want to talk about it.

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