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Weltmeister! The electric vehicle company rising through the ranks!

You are currently viewing Weltmeister! The electric vehicle company rising through the ranks!
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Weltmeister is the creator of WM Motor’s BEV division – short for battery electric vehicles. But Weltmeister provides more services for customers in China. Like charging solutions for instance. Like home chargers, owners have access to WM Motor’s public charger network. Over 200,000 across the nation, these chargers allow for owners to find them using their app.

Weltmeister is an Electric Vehicle Company to Watch Out for

Weltmeister is likely the highest-funded EV startup in China. Just last fall, the five-year-old startup was able to raise 10 billion yuan (~$1.5 billion) away from outside investments. The money made was to help marketing, and expand its sales channel.

Many competitors like NIO and Xpeng are public entities on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). After waves of major funding, industry leads thought it would only be a little bit before WM Motor announced a IPO in New York. The company would go away from the original EV competitors, opting to list through Shanghai’s Star board in 2021.

Of course, the mass market had saturated luxury. But WM Motor takes some risk. However, when it pays off, it pays off. Weltmeister is easy to just quickly jump miles ahead of competitors, based on practicality. Therefore, this strategy is based on an informed approach from Weltmeister.

The company did state beforehand that parents with kids make up 69% of its customer base. Competitors like NIO and Li Auto, therefore, have to outsource most of their manufacturing. Weltmeister, otherwise, has made its own production footprint in place, with room to increase output.

Isn’t that the intention? Isn’t that the point of all this? To increase output? Why even worry about anything else when increasing output is all that really needs to matter for now? That’s the true gift about it. That’s the part that matters. Realize that for yourself when choosing who to invest in.

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