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Voter ID Unconstitutional? A Court Trial will Determine it

You are currently viewing Voter ID Unconstitutional? A Court Trial will Determine it
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Will a voter need photo identification the next time they vote will be deciding by a trial that started Monday. It is a state-level trial over the constitutionality of a 2018 voter ID law. Moreover, very important, is a separate lawsuit. This, in fact, is over the same law that is moving forward in the federal courts. Therefore, no elections have been using Voter ID since the law passed in 2018. As a result, it was put on holding until this trial.

Voter ID Trial will Extend for Many Days

Lasting multiple days is what the trial is expected to last in North Carolina. Opening arguments from both plaintiffs will be included on Monday’s schedule. In fact, they have to challenge the constitutionality of voter ID. As well as the legislators who are defending it. Moreover, at least one witness for the plaintiffs.

Voter ID Trial: African-American People Face More Prejudice

Allison Riggs of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice said in her opening arguments: “Your honors, voters are going to be harming by this law.” Riggs is the lead attorney for the challengers in the case. “In fact, they are representing as disproportionately Black. Being voters, they are face obstacles to voting as it is. Again, they are voters who were aiming at by prior laws, and in this a calculating attempt to keep Black North Carolinians from voting.”

Access to all Registered Voters, the GOP Says!

Representing the GOP legislative leaders is David Thompson of the Washington firm Cooper & Kirk. He shot back at this claim in his own opening arguments against Riggs.

“This is a deeply lamentable and indeed shameful history of racial discrimination in this state,” he said. “We, do indeed, acknowledge it. Yet SB 824 is not a part of that shameful history. This is a state-of-the-art voter ID law that dually seeks to secure the elections and absolutely guarantee access to all registered voters.

The Trial to be Available Online

Livestreamed online, the trial is being showing. It can be viewing at on the Wake County Superior Court page on YouTube. It allows anyone to watch it. This trial will have no jury and three judges until a normal trial. In fact, this how all constitutional cases are handling in North Carolina.

Voter ID Laws’ New Study

The voter ID laws are becoming more commonplace and there are becoming much more strict, and the stakes for American democracy are very high. In fact, they are growing higher by the year. There new research coming out across the country, it knows no boundaries as it crosses the states just like the COVID-19, that voter ID laws disproportionately reduce voter turnout in more racially diverse areas. As a result, the voices of racial minorities are becoming more quieted and the massive influence of white America is substantially growing. The published study comes from Politics, Groups, and Identities.

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