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Volkswagen has Launches Over-The-Air Software Updates

You are currently viewing Volkswagen has Launches Over-The-Air Software Updates
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Volkswagen has now launched over the air (OTA) software updates for its ID3 full-electric hatchback. The carmaker is seeking to match the upgrade capabilities of its rival, EV giant Tesla. The owners who are part of the “First Movers Club,” starting this month, are the early ID3 adopters who will receive the latest software version, ID.Software2.3.

Volkswagen Plans Update Software Often

In the future, Volkswagen VW said it plans to update the software in its ID cars every three months. Moreover, the current update will include the adjustments and improvements to ID Light functions. Thus optimized surroundings recognition and dynamic main beam control. In addition, to upgrades to the infotainment system. Also additional performance and stability improvements.

Volkswagen Software Campaigns

Divided into two “software campaigns” is the ID.Software2.3, a VW spokesperson said.

45 minutes is necessary for the installation of the first campaign. Soon after, the second one follows. It will take roughly 150 minutes to install.

Drivers Receive Great Benefits

Drivers are supported by the ID. Light. It helps them visually when using the driver assistance systems. This helps users drive more efficiently and advising them when to take their foot off the pedal as they go through traffic signals.

Steering wheel contact detection, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), efficiency assist and absolute reserve mode are additional ID light features that connect to the upgrade.

Software Update

In addition, there is a software update. It also optimizes ambient detection. In addition to the advanced main-beam control for the automaker’s Dynamic Light Assist. There are also vehicles that are equipping with the advanced main-beam control Dynamic Light Assist. They, in fact, now recognize other road users more precisely, the spokesperson said.

ID.Software2.3 Upgrade

There is ID.Software2.3 upgrade. It will refresh the infotainment system. Included are redesigning digital buttons, customized fonts, an optimizing arrangement of function menus. Also, they are designing to improve the readability and usability of the infotainment system.

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