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Vaccinations of Workers Shoot Past 70% While Firefighters Fall Behind

You are currently viewing Vaccinations of Workers Shoot Past 70% While Firefighters Fall Behind
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Currently 70% of full-time employees have undergone vaccinations versus COVID-19. With that in mind, the community has been able to slash the infection rate substantially. Of course, when you compare that to the part-time workers, it’s a lot more than what they’ve got. With the part-timers, above 30% of those employees are full with the vaccinations. From the 3,805 full-time employees, 2,710 of those individuals are entirely safe.

Wheras the part-timers are about 826 for 2,728, when you look at the rates of individuals that are safe. City employees didn’t quite have too long to make a decision: Get the vaccinations or undergo weekly COVID-19 tests. Those who deny the tests, face the likelihood of getting “progressive discipline”  instead. City workers are unlikely to be considered for promotions, unless they’re full of vaccinations and safe. Of course, this is all while we ignore the real elephants in the room.

Policemembers and firefighters happen to have their own theories about vaccinations.

In a Facebook post, the local police association has made it known that they would prefer the promotion stipulation to not be looming over their shoulder. “Natural immunity, medical and religious reasons should be taken into proper consideration by the city before implementing such policies.” It’s actually creating some distance between the employees and the management. “Such policies may compel officers to leave the department while we are already experiencing staffing difficulties.”

For the fire department, 62% of the 600 employees (really about 376 of them) have undergone vaccination. As for the police, of 823 employees, 542 of them have actually received the vaccination.

This is truly a shock and daresay a fear that maybe plenty of people have these days. That not enough people will be getting vaccinated. Vaccinations are important. We should all think better on it and just get some already. It might be helpful.

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