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Truck Shipping with Raleigh Auto Transport

truck transport

If you want to transport your truck and looking for a reliable auto shipping company Raleigh Auto transport is here. We are a certified company that ships vehicles across 50 states of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our more than 2 decades of experience in the truck transport industry make us real experts. Our team consists of well-skilled professionals who have the right knowledge to safely and professionally ship your trucks. Raleigh Auto Transport combines cost-effective pricing to offer its customers the highest quality transport service in the industry. Here are the types of trucks we ship:

♦Tow trucks and dump trucks

♦Antique, classic, and vintage trucks and pickups

♦Fire trucks, garbage trucks, and larger service vehicles

♦Compact, mid-size and full-size trucks

♦Semi-trucks and commercial trucks

♦Service and utility trucks

♦Box trucks, platform trucks & flatbed trucks

♦Flatbed, hauling and delivery trucks

If you have other types of large or oversized vehicles, we have services for you. From vans to trailers, we ship it all!

Some factors to consider in truck Transport?

Location & Destination– the cost of truck transport depends on the destination. Some destinations that are more regularly traveled tend to be less expensive than others (for example, Florida to New York is a standard delivery road that offers more options and cheaper pricing than others.) This is particularly true for cross country as well as long-distance shipping.

The Method of Transport– The other factor impacting the cost of transport is the type of shipment you will choose. There are different methods of auto shipping and our company offers a wide variety of options. In general, the cost of your car transport depends on the car shipping type you will choose to transport your vehicle.

Size & Weight– Weight and size are one of the main factors in defining the cost of truck transport, commonly because they can differ so much from one vehicle to another. There’s a big variance between shipping a pickup, an F-150, and a cement mixer truck because of the variance in sizes and weight.

Raleigh Auto Transport – With us, the safety of your truck is guaranteed! Call us today at (919) 516-9545!