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Truck Drivers Are In Need!

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Truck drivers are in short supply. Due to the current issues stemming from COVID-19, across the country, many stores are in short supply of essential goods. Food, water, and even prescription medication are not being filled due to citizens stocking up. This means that current ruck drivers are working double time in order to deliver their supplies on time. The resulting factor means many are working long hours and nights in order to supply the nation. This has caused an increase in available working positions.

Class A CDL Drivers Are the Backbone of America

America runs similar to an engine. There are many moving parts and each one is as important as the other. They all work in synchronicity and harmony in order to power the nation. One of the primary parts of this engine is skilled and experienced truck drivers.

Trucking Crisis and The Lack Of Drivers

Prior to current events, the trucking industry was hit hard. Due to many hitting the age of retirement, there was a large number of drivers leaving the industry. This created a massive gap in skilled and experienced drivers. Unfortunately, with the societal implications, truck driving hasn’t been seen as the most appealing career goal. Long hours away from home, constantly being on alert to avoid causing an accident and low wages meant the job isn’t as sought after as some may think. Due to the required demand of truck drivers, companies took note and implemented more comfortable offers.

Truck Driver Benefits Packages.

With so many positions ready to be filled, many larger companies are offering increased pay and benefits. Shorter trips can also be sought after within specific companies. This has also come at a time where many are searching for income while being laid off indefinitely. While many have their CDL license, not many have been using it due to other job opportunities. It is heavily suggested that those with these licenses and skills sign up and register to become a truck driver.

CDL Training

Now, more than ever, the ability to obtain your CDL license easy and painless. For some, the search for a new career path has opened the doors into a high paying skill that has great pay and great benefits. Thinking about becoming a driver? Or are you looking for a new career path? Check out the many services available near you and help the country while we work through this national emergency.

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