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Trailer Transport

trailer transport

A trailer is an unpowered vehicle hauled by a powered vehicle. It is generally used for the shipment of materials and goods. There are diverse auto shipping types. Trailer transport is one of them. Our company has the expertise and personnel to tackle shipping trailers anywhere in the US.

 Types of Trailers

  • Cargo trailers
    These types of trailers are used for moving heavy supplies and equipment. For instance, they are good for items and tools transportation.
  • Trailer Home
    These types of trailers are known as mobile homes or house trailers or. Usually, people use these types of trailers for placement. Moreover, trailer homes have chassis and are pulled by other vehicles.
  • Solar Trailer
    This type of trailer is typically used by businesses. Usually, it serves when accessible energy is needed. Furthermore, it provides remote power as well.

We ship other large vehicles, as well, including all varieties of trucks and boats.

Trailer Transport with Raleigh Auto Transport

Raleigh Auto Transport is a car shipping company that provides trailer transport for all kinds of trailers. It doesn’t matter you have a cargo trailer or mobile home we will ship it to any location nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. Furthermore, we can transport your trailer directly to your door since we conduct door-to-door transport as well. We are an auto shipping company offering convenience at budget-friendly prices. Moreover, at Raleigh Auto Transport we do our best to organize your trailer moving in a perfect way. Also, we’ll give you the best available dates for loading and unloading. Finally, we can even help you if you need to ship your trailer instantly. You just need to book our Expedited Auto Transport services for that!

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Our free quotes are available online. You can feel your trailer transport information there. We will review it and get back to you with rates as soon as possible. In addition, we have live agents who are always here to help you and answer all the questions you have. Call them today at (919) 516-9545!