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Subaru Legacy Will Be Ending Production After 2025

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Say goodbye to the Legacy sedan! Subaru recently announced that after the 2025 model year, this beloved car will no longer be a part of their lineup. Why, you ask? Well, it seems like more and more people are leaning towards crossovers and SUVs instead of traditional sedans like the Legacy.

The Legacy hasn’t been doing too well in terms of sales lately. Last year, only about 25,510 of them were sold, and that number has been dropping. Even though there was a bit of a boost in sales in 2023, it wasn’t enough to save the Legacy. Back in 2016, they sold a whopping 65,000 units, but those days seem to be long gone.

The Legacy has been around for quite some time. It made its debut back in 1989, designed especially for folks in America.

It was even the first Subaru to be built in the United States when they set up a factory in Indiana. At first, you could get it as either a sedan or a wagon, but by 2010, only the sedan remained. However, its spirit lived on in the Outback, which started as a beefed-up Legacy wagon and eventually became its own thing.

Subaru is proud to say that they’ve sold over 1.3 million Legacy cars in the United States. It’s been their longest-running model, but all good things must come to an end, they say. According to Subaru, the decline of the Legacy reflects a trend where people are choosing SUVs and crossovers over regular cars. They’re also shifting towards making more electric vehicles, so chances are slim that they’ll replace the Legacy with another sedan anytime soon.

If you’re hoping to snag one of the last Legacy models, you better act fast. The 2025 version will hit dealerships this spring, starting at $26,040.

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