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Stellantis Gets All Up In A Hissy-Fit Over Transitioning To Electric Vehicles

You are currently viewing Stellantis Gets All Up In A Hissy-Fit Over Transitioning To Electric Vehicles
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Stellantis is comprised of plenty of recognizable auto brands from around the world, including Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo. So they’ve been in the auto game for a while as is. And yet, the larger entity as a whole is not so entirely amazed about the electric vehicles that are shared through different automakers. Stellantis of course would have their most enticing marque be within the Ferrari brand. Until lately, they were hoping to never go full-electric.

After so many years of compliance autos and speculation, Carlos Tavares, the Stellantis CEO, weighed in.

Investors are looking to speed into a transition properly in order to make EV conversion much simpler.

However, if this is “beyond the limits” it’s almost not worth the cost. Tavares speaks a great volume. “What has been decided is to impose on the automotive industry electrification that brings 50 percent additional costs against a conventional vehicle.” Additionally, Tavares believes going towards an EV path isn’t cost-efficient. But it’s likely to pass on unsustainable costs, which therefore, may be invalidated by EV startups such as Nio and Tesla.

The electric vehicle development isn’t something that comes easy. Volkswagen for instance, still reeling from their troubles invariably caused by Dieselgate, makes estimations that their possession of vital raw materials may cost as much as 30 billion euros. Furthremore putting a price tag on the expansion for the first in forever. This, therefore, inspires the company to seek outside help in order to fund the push for six large battery cell plants. All in Europe, complete in construction, by 2030. Stellantis, however skeptic, is still investing in solid state battery technology in order to best gauge which types of cell protitypes can test as early as next year. Stellantis plans on making good use of this all soon, by way of roll-out of solid-state technology in 2026.

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