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Snowbirds Can Rely on Raleigh Auto Transport

We ship vehicles across 50 states of the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii

No Long-distance Driving and Traffic

Avoid the annoying freeway traffic as well as road work when moving for the cold season. Ship your vehicle to Raleigh Auto Transport instead of driving it yourself and spending resources.  With our skilled car carriers, snowbirds can enjoy pick-up and delivery services at any place in the United States.

No extra spending

Traveling South by driving your vehicle yourself may sound attractive. However, it could turn sour when food, gas, hotel and other costs start to move up. In addition, the other big cost is time. You waste your time when you move by driving your vehicle by yourself. Therefore, ship your vehicle to Raleigh Auto Transport and don’t waste extra cash.

All methods of Car Shipping Are Available

Here at Raleigh Auto Transport, all kind of car shipping services are available:

You are free to choose the most convenient option for you. But if you are fluctuating we have live agents who can provide useful recommendations related to your car transport method election.

Personal Items are Allowed

Raleigh Auto Transport allows you to ship one box or suitcase with your vehicle (under 100 lbs.) in the trunk of the vehicle at no extra charge.

Please note: we have a right to check the trunk for unlawful items due to safety standards.

Why Snowbirds Prefer Raleigh Auto Transport



The main reason that our customers prefer us is that it safe to ship a vehicle with us. We provide full insurance to any vehicle that we ship. This means that starting from the moment we pick the vehicle up we become responsible for its safety. Besides, we cooperate with skilled and well-experienced drivers who take care of your vehicle us their own.

  • Enclosed Car shipping is available for our snowbirds

Besides the common open auto transport, enclosed car transport is also available at Raleigh Auto Transport for our snowbird customers. This means that we can ship your vehicle in an enclosed trailer for its best protection from road dust and dirt. So, while you are taking your plane and having a journey to the south, we will ship your car to you.

  • We ship all kinds of vehicles

Raleigh Auto Transport ships all kinds of vehicles. So you have a chance to ship not only your car but other vehicles as well. For example, vans, boats, motorcycles and so forth.

  • Free Quote is Available

Our free quote is available on our website. Feel free to fill out. We will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Or give us a call at (919) 516-9545 and our friendly live agents will answer any question you have.