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Snowbird Transport with Raleigh Auto Transport

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Don't let your car be buried in the snow, book our snowbird auto shipping service today!
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While it is still very much summer still, with heat waves galore and air conditioners running the world, it is reaching a point where snowbirds have to start planning a little of their seasonal move. Snowbirds are people who leave their cold, snowy, wintery homes for the warmth of somewhere warmer and sunnier for winter. Most commonly people will leave in October or November, so as we get into August some logistical plans are likely to begin. One of these more logistical plans is how to get your car to your winter home.

That answer is simple, use Raleigh Auto Transport’s Snowbird shipping service!

As we have been in business since 2006, we have perfected all forms of auto shipping, especially snowbird transport. We know how important it is to have your own car with you when you move to your seasonal home, so we work hard to get your car to you easily and effortlessly on your part!

Using our snowbird auto shipping service saves you the trouble of having to drive your cars yourself across the country or renting a car for your several month stay. It allows you to peacefully fly to your winter home and let us do the hard work. You can schedule your transport in time perfectly to have your vehicle arrive at your home the same day as you, or shortly after!

We will also ship anything you need to be shipped!

No matter what make or model your vehicle is, if it’s a car or a truck, or if it is even a boat, we can ship it for you! With our shipping, we offer open or enclosed auto transport. Our open transport is our most popular and least expensive option, but it can expose your car to the open air meaning it could be affected by weather conditions while in transit. Our enclosed transport is a premiere shipping option that gives your car the VIP experience! We ship your vehicle within a closed shipping container and your car stays fully protected from weather conditions and faces no risk of any exterior damage while in transit.

We also offer door-to-door shipping! This means we can pick your vehicle up from your main home and ship it directly to your winter home with no problem!

Call us today to receive a free quote on our snowbird auto transportation to get a head start on your seasonal move!

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