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Semi-Trucks a Hazard for the Highlands!

You are currently viewing Semi-Trucks a Hazard for the Highlands!
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Semi-trucks have been accruing attention for their increased appearance on Highlands Road. Locals are petitioning for more signage and stricter law enforcement for keeping these large trucks off of Highlands Road.

Highlands Mayor, Pat Taylor, focuses on the city council’s efforts to address the continuous problems on the road. This windy and dangerous road lies between Franklin and Highlands. This canyon road is a roadway for workers and tourists alike making an intercity trip. Usually, truck drivers are very secure in their driving abilities and are great drivers. Although, they are not supposed to use the Highlands Road. Yet, they continue to use it anyway, despite the signage.

Semi-Trucks Aren’t Supposed to Use Highlands Road

The North Carolina Department of Transportation repeatedly spends time and money ensuring that trucks do not use the gorge road. Unfortunately, their efforts are a waste.

Recently, new ideas for radar activated signage are being discussed. These new radar signs activate when a larger truck approaches and will redirect truckers to a substitute route.

The mayor has met with one Representative, Kevin Corbin, and one senator Jim Davis to accumulate funds for Highlands and Franklin signs.

Apparently, those who wrote the regulations regarding large trucks wrote them in a convoluted way. This makes it difficult for Highway Patrol to enforce the restrictions. Thus, Taylor hopes for a clarification of the rule by legislation. As of now, the current law contains explicit regulations of four or five axel trucks and has weight limits.

Lastly, the mayor hopes for a more synchronized effort with Highway Patrol to cite truck violations on Highlands Road. Therefore, if this is reported to regulators in Washington DC, regulators require trucking companies themselves to update routes.

So, what do you think? Is it inconvenient that Mayor, Pat Taylor, wants to limit the Highland Road for truckers?

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