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Safe Driving Tips For The Holidays

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Safe driving techniques during the holidays will help ensure that your family will be protected. You go through the long drive from point A and now you are in your destined city. Good luck! Anywhere you go during the holidays will present their own set of challenges.

Be Courteous

When driving, it is always imperative to be courteous. Everyone is trying to get from point A to point B. Holidays can present a number of driving challenges. Everyone is stressed and they want to see their family. If you remember this when someone is trying to cut out in front of you at the on-ramp, then you won’t have a problem letting them in.

Be Aware

Depending on where you are celebrating the holiday, some places are more difficult than others. Being aware of your surroundings no matter where you are is critical. Is there an SUV with a Christmas Tree on top of it? Hopefully, the driver didn’t have too much eggnog before strapping it down. In any case, give him space! They might have a family in there and there is no need to get into an altercation either with your car or with the driver.

Safe Driving: Do Not Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving is a costly maneuver. The number of traffic accidents and fatalities skyrocket during the holidays. This is a large part due to DUI’s. Everyone is visiting family, being merry, and joying spirits. It is very common for a sibling to add more alcohol to the family recipe than was asked for. In this case, you may need to find alternative methods for getting home. Uber/Lyft is your friend, and although it might be costly during the holidays, it can save your life as well as someone else’s. Don’t be irresponsible. Also, do not let someone else be irresponsible. If you feel someone should not be driving home, mention it.

Safe Driving: Not Driving At All

As a native New Englander, I have witnessed many out-of-staters traveling to my home from areas that do not have snow. When it is time for them to leave, the sharp realization that they are ill-equipped to drive home creeps in. In which case, I would always suggest they stay. Make a space for them to sleep, and kick back for the night. Getting snowed in can be fun, especially when it’s a big storm. The safest driving technique might not be to drive at all!

Penalties are Not What The Holiday is About

Getting arrested is not what most people plan to do when they head out for the holiday, but it happens. The penalties can be small, like a traffic infraction, a slight tap on someone’s bumper, or sliding due to snow. In other instances, it could mean going to jail, or fatal. The best bet is to use your best judgment and rely on the judgment of the people around you. It is better to call your parents to wish them a happy holiday from the safety of where you are than to wish them a happy holiday from a jail cell.

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