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Rush Hour Bands: Chuck Berry?! What Are You Doing Here?

You are currently viewing Rush Hour Bands: Chuck Berry?! What Are You Doing Here?
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We’ve all been there. You leave your house as fast as you can. You want to make it in time for the all-you-can-eat buffet at the local diner. You’re about to reach the final route direction, and what should happen but “Awh, C’mon, Dude!” Ever heard of rush hour?

The highway’s filled to the brim with cars that are all after the same thing you’re after. (No, not mashed potatoes at Tim Horton’s.) They all want to get the heck out of the highway and this ugly, ugly flow of cars, just clogging the movement!

What can we do? Well, I’ll tell you what… We can listen to music.

“Oh, but why, man? I’m so angry! Besides, none of these dead ringers will understand my pain!”

Okay, first of all… Rude. ZZ Top is still kicking it. Secondly, you should consider that superstar acts like The Beach Boys and Aerosmith were smack-dab in the same position as you were, ages before they even were close enough to lick stardom!

That said, I’d suggest pulling up Spotify, YouTube or even your own vocal chords if you can remember and perking your ear up to some classic artists and groups that can sympathize with your road rage.

Chuck Berry

With classics like the car-themed “Maybellene,” who wouldn’t love the grandfather of rock ‘n’ roll? His classics are always incorporating car culture!

The Go Go’s

No, not the song by Wham! From the depths of the punk scene, these killer chicks knew how to make “Stuck in My Car” all about roaming the freeways. “Skidmarks on My Heart” is an ode to every girl snubbed by her dude her prefers a set of wheels.

Ronnie and The Daytonas

“Little GTO” is a classic 1964 ballad, celebrating the Pontiac GTO. It was a number one hit that Ronnie followed up with “Bucket T.” Car enthusiasts to this day value The Daytonas as one of the all-time greats.

Commander Cody and his Lost Airmen

Fun fact: Front Man Charlie Ryan was actually in a hot rod race. “Hot Rode Lincoln” is covered by everybody in the game. From Pat Travers to punk outfit All.

Social Distortion

Lead singer Mike Ness has a love for customs. “I’m In Love With My Car,” truly, is indicative of that auto-affection. Listen to it sometime, next time you’re bumper to bumper.

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