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Voting Rules In North Carolina are Decided In The Courts

You are currently viewing Voting Rules In North Carolina are Decided In The Courts
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In Raleigh, North Carolina, 2020 elections are not only being fought in ads and debates but in the courts as well. There are a number of lawsuits going on and challenging various pieces of the state’s voting laws – mainly but not exclusively by liberal groups. These lawsuits apply to absentee voting rules to photo ID, voter fraud safeguards, felon voting rights, and important election deadlines. Plus many pertinent and up-to-last minute changes to the 2020 elections that either recently took place or could still happen in the next several weeks.

Numerous Lawsuits Regarding Voting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been numerous lawsuits. This Spring sought to make it easier to vote in North Carolina. There are many issues brought up that the N.C. General Assembly sought, in an overwhelming bipartisan compromise, voting to address earlier this year. Significant parts of the lawsuits are basically moot by the new law. Though some lawsuits are continuing on.

The changes in the new law apply only to 2020. However, the laws brought forward change due to COVID-19 pandemic health concerns. Furthermore, the changes include letting people apply for mail-in ballots online. Also to reduce the number of signatures brought forth for mail-in ballots from two witnesses to just one.

The multiple lawsuits aim to eliminate the state’s witness requirement completely citing coronavirus health concerns as a reason. Although, so far the lawsuits are to date unsuccessful. Additional lawsuits challenge factors around the issues of coronavirus and voting which includes mail and in-person.

Specific Lawsuit Democracy NC v. NC State Board of Elections unsuccessfully in changing the witness requirement and also the state’s voter registration deadline. Also, two other lawsuits attempting to change rules making it easier for people to correct their mistakes when they made them initially. North Carolina state officials agreeing to settle one lawsuit, NC Alliance for Retired Americans v. North Carolina. This lawsuit makes the mail-in voting changes in exchange for the challengers to drop their other claims.

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