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Rocky Mount City Council Voted for New Law: What About the Truckers?

You are currently viewing Rocky Mount City Council Voted for New Law: What About the Truckers?
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Just two days ago the city of Rocky Mount in North Carolina announced a new law for truck drivers in the city.


The City Council of Rocky Mount, NC voted for the new city law that prohibits truck drivers from parking or leaving their commercial vehicles in residential areas that are in the city.


According to Rocky Mount Telegram, all commercial vehicles that are longer than 25 feet or weigh over 10,000 pounds cannot park in residential areas. So, commercial truck drivers cannot park their vehicles in front of their own houses.


City authorities are advising truck drivers to look for parking spots in commercial areas. Shopping centers are one place that truckers can leave their trucks overnight.


When City Council had a public meeting regarding this new law, a Rocky Mount resident was concerned about her son’s job as a trucker. Ruth Battle asked the city officials what residents will eat “when truckers can’t come to Rocky Mount.”


For right now, truck drivers are still in the clear. The law will be effective in 90 days. Truck drivers can continue to park in residential areas for the next 90 days. However, one this time period is over, city officials will start to fine truckers who are parked in neighborhoods whether they are in the truck or not.


Council Andre Knight was one of the members who voted for the new law. However, he did note that “Where you see a truck, you know that person is working and paying their bills.”


People are also concerned that the new CSX terminal in Edgecombe County will influence and motivate truck drivers to move to Rocky Mount, NC.


This will be a major issue, especially since the new law already makes it hard to be a trucker in the city.


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