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Robert E. Lee Statue To Be Removed According To Governor Northam

You are currently viewing Robert E. Lee Statue To Be Removed According To Governor Northam
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Robert E. Lee’s statue is in talks of getting out from a public spot in Virginia. In which case, the state is thinking about changing it’s reputation. The forty-state granite pedestal is likely going to be eradicated this week. However, the large historic Confederate statue within the United States has largely been taken away.

It’s just now that we see the bottom plate to be removed. The Governor, Ralph Northam made it known that “The Commonwealth will remove the pedestal, and we anticipate a safe removal and a successful conclusion to this project.” Of course, the pedestal is looking to be disassembled in the future. There will be more steps to be determined.

Robert E. Lee was a statue based on the wrong general of the South in 1890 that has been created thanks to the National Park Service.

Supposedly, there’s also a 134-year-old time capsule that is likely to be inserted in the huge pedestal base. So if that’s the case, Governor Northam says that “it will remain under control of the Commonwealth and will be removed for preservation.”

It makes sense to remove this type of reminder that lends way to outdated ideas and sensibilities. Of course, the intention that the Governor has had was to remove a reminder of racial injustice. This for sure is actually being done for racial justice.

“This land is in the middle of Richmond, and Richmonders will determine the future of this space.” This is what the governor reaffirms, himself!

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