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Raleigh Ranked Number One for Best Driving Conditions

You are currently viewing Raleigh Ranked Number One for Best Driving Conditions
Raleigh is one the safest cities in the country as well!
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According to a recent list posted by the personal finance website, WalletHub, Raleigh came in at the top for cities with the best driving conditions. The list is according to data from the U.S. government and other sources. There were four categories each city was scored in to determine the ranking. These four categories are safety, affordability, traffic and infrastructure, and, lastly, access to vehicles and maintenance.

Raleigh earned its top placement after having one of the highest scores in the safety category.

The data used to determine the safety scoring involved the number of uninsured drivers, seat belt use, deaths related to traffic, driving laws in place in the city, and the rate of car thefts. Raleigh showed low numbers of uninsured drivers, traffic deaths, and car thefts. They also showed good seat belt use and strong driving laws.

Raleigh also had a top score for affordability. This category focused on the cost of owning and maintaining a car in the city. To determine these costs, WalletHub analysts looked at prices of new cars, gas, insurance, parking, and general upkeep. In all of these, Raleigh showed low costs comparatively.

Raleigh unfortunately had lower spots for their traffic and infrastructure and access to vehicles and maintenance scores.

For traffic and infrastructure, Raleigh came in at number 27. This category was based on weather and road conditions and how they affected driving in the city. While it may sound high, coming in at the 27th spot was still a good placement for Raleigh. For access to vehicles and maintenance, Raleigh ranked number 43. This category determined the score on the basis of the number of car shops, gas stations, and other car-related businesses per capita.

With the two high-ranking categories and two middle-ranking spots, Raleigh was still able to pull into the first place.

WalletHub also named Raleigh as one of the safest cities in the United States in a separate list that they released. This list had been based on things such as traffic-related deaths, crime rates, and other dangerous things that occur in a city.

The city that ranked opposite of Raleigh as the worst city to drive in was Philadelphia.

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