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Welcome to Durham, NC!

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Durham is a city in central North Carolina in the United States. It has 263,016 residents as of 2016. The city is a vibrant African-American community that once made the city a center for different cultures. Early Durham mostly built its wealth on tobacco and textiles. Nowadays, those warehouses and mills are empty. People use them for other purposes. It is most famous as the home of Duke University. However, healthcare and high industry have their roots in the city.

Durham is a cultural center for the region, with a lively scene and a trendy arts community that has begun to change the city’s image. Durham is an innovative, creative community that is always doing something new. It occupies a prime location in the heart of North Carolina and is a center for learning, creativity, research, and industry. Whether you are a resident, visitor or a newcomer, there is something to do and to see for everyone in the Bull City.

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