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Going to Study in Chapel Hill, NC?

Raleigh to Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill or “Carolina Blue” is a wonderful college town in the US state of North Carolina. It has a total population of 59,246 as of 2016 census. The town rests around the University of North Carolina and it caters heavily to the local student population, with plenty of bars and restaurants near the university’s beautiful campus. Also, the town of Carrboro is immediate to the west of Chapel Hill. It is an old mill town which is now famous for its local shops, restaurants, and nightlife.

The landscape of the town is hilly and heavily wooded. However, you can see those hills green in the summer months. In contrary to the other cities in North Carolina, Chapel Hill is fairly liberal. Although it has a small space, the town is developing while the years go. Also, the town is home to Chapel Hill Museum. It doesn’t matter why you are visiting Chapel Hill, the town has to offer every kind of attraction.

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