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Porsche Comes Forth With A $314,000 Vintage Tribute Model

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Porsche allows for customers to pre-order a new version of the 2023 911 GT3 RS. It’s specifically a tribute. With white paint and Python Green accents that can pair along nicely with the visual touches, the new Porsche is known well as the Tribute to Carrera RS. The limited-edition vehicle had been properly priced at about $314,000. However, it will only be available in the United States as a part of the Exclusive Manufaktur customization program. Porsche heavily relies on their history of heritage. So much so that they’re choosing to unveil a new variant of the 911 GT3 RS. And that specific model is the Tribute to Carrera RS package that is meant to invoke a sense of certain nostalgia by the 1970s-era Carrera RS 2 which had been the first RS-badged 911.

Towards that end, the newest GT3 RS had been done with white paint and even cool wheels with side mirrors and additional exterior elements within the color of Python Green. On the exterior, a large green stripe upon the side in “GT3 RS” script has a modernized version with a “Carrera” font beyond the original. The rear wing states “RS” logos in green on the end. The insides match the white and green theme while utilizing unorthodox stitches as well as additional painted trim pieces.

So What Are The Stats?

The wing towers goes over the rear of the car while also providing plenty surface area for a whole spatzle buffet. Such an active unit has contributed 902 pounds of downforce at about 124 miles per hour and 1896 pounds at 177 miles per hour. The risen downforce can result in additional drag at even higher speeds. Porsche has tricked it. All while involving the Formula 1 with a drag-reduction system. The final driver ratio replacing that of the GT3. The seven-speed PDK automatic has been the only transmission that had been offered.

Drag and gearing tend to revoke the GT3 RS’s very own autobahn card, all through top speed down from 198 miles per hour in the GT3. The Suspension shows a new aero theme continued right underneath. This also involves a teardrop-shaped control arms upon the front axle to improve wheel-well airflow, with wide front tracks, all thanks to long control arms and wide tires all while being distributed with a load over a broad axle. The low control arm ball joints are totally being repositioned with a reduction of dive under brakes.

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