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Our City Ranks Among Nation’s Best Summer Destinations

You are currently viewing Our City Ranks Among Nation’s Best Summer Destinations
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As it turns out, our wonderful city is home to one of the nation’s best places to visit this summer, according to a new report. Funny how we’ve known it all along, huh? In fact, it ranks No. 20 on the list of regions that offer vacation activities at an affordable price, WalletHub has said on Tuesday.

City Ranked by U.S. Government Data and More

The personal website said it has used U.S. government data and other sources to study “100 of the most populated metro areas” in the country. This is how the ranking were found. Weather, costs, safety, entertainment, attractions and flight options in each region receive scores based on that information.

City Lands on Top Spot

In fact, the Raleigh-Cary metro has earned a top spot on the list, This was after it was recognizing for its mostly mild weather and cost-effective hotels and restaurants. Moreover, the region also got a favorable nod for safety, a measure of crime, and COVID-19 rates, results show.

However, the metropolitan area was just average when it came to weight it out with the other categories. As well as the number and variety of activities near Raleigh as well as quick, inexpensive flights to the Triangle.

North Carolina has Ranked High Before

Moreover, it’s not the first time a North Carolina destination has landed on a national list. Back in March, the short-term rental website Airbnb had said the Kitty Hawk was, in fact, the eighth-most desiring place for people wanting to travel within the U.S. this spring and summer.

In fact, this time around, three other metros that spanned parts of North Carolina made it onto WalletHub’s list.

Travelling and COVID-19 Vaccinations

Health officials, during the pandemic, have, in fact, urging people to postpone trips until they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Moreover, that means if you are taking a trip at least two weeks after your single-shot Johnson & Johnson dose as well as your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

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