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Open VS Enclosed Transport: The Final Showdown

You are currently viewing Open VS Enclosed Transport: The Final Showdown
We put the two options side by side to help you decide
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Shipping a car today has never been easier. With online car quotes, friendly shipping agents, and more truck options than ever before, all you need to do is pick open or enclosed transport. However, what does that really mean and what’s best for your vehicle? There are definitely pros and cons to each shipping option. Some may be quicker and cheaper, while others are safer and more secure. For those who don’t know, choosing open or enclosed transport is the type of trailer your vehicle will travel on. We’ll break down each option so you can ship knowing you picked the best option for your vehicle.

Open Transport

Open transport trailers are the most common trailers on the road. You’ve probably seen them while driving. They’re the double-decker trailers that carry anywhere between six and ten vehicles on top of each other. You may have marveled at how they got the cars that high or parked them so close together. 90% of all transport trailers on the road today are open transport trailers.

The Pros of Open Transport

With so many trailers on the road, it’s not hard to find one for your vehicle. If you need to ship quickly, open transport is for you. You could make a call and may even get a transport trailer at your driveway the very next day. Some of the biggest delays in shipping a vehicle come from waiting for the trailer to pick up your car. Since there are so many trailer options, it also makes using an open transport trailer a buyer’s market. This is especially true during off-season pickups when things are slower. Drivers want as many cars on their trailer as possible, and if they have an opening, they may be willing to cut you a deal. This makes open transport the most affordable option on the market.

The Cons of Open Transport

The negative aspects of open transport come right there in the name. Since the trailer is open to the elements, that leaves your vehicle exposed. If your shipment takes you through harsh weather like hail or desert roads with sand that can scratch the paint, you may be wary of open transport. If you have a classic car or an exotic car open transport may not be the best choice. Especially if new parts are hard to come by for your vehicle. However, even car dealerships ship their brand new cars on open transport trailers. Just be sure your shipping company has adequate insurance and a solid reputation.

Enclosed Transport

Again, the type of transport comes from the name. However, enclosed transport covers a much wider range of trailer options than open transport. It can vary from a similar double-decker trailer to an open transport trailer with a canvas cover to provide added protection from the elements. It can also be a smaller hard shell trailer with a hydraulic lift to easily get your lowered vehicle onto a trailer built just for your car.

The Pros of Enclosed Transport

The biggest reason people choose enclosed transport is the peace of mind knowing their car is safe. The added protection from the covering makes sure nothing can get to your vehicle during transport. Also, the variety of options that enclosed transport offers. For instance, if you drive an exotic car with low ground clearance, you may not be able to use an open transport trailer. The car just doesn’t have the clearance to drive up the ramp. You’ll need a special trailer with a hydraulic lift to get it up there. For those who want the extra support, enclosed transport is definitely for you.

The Cons of Enclosed Transport

That being said, not everything is better with enclosed transport. With more security comes a higher cost. All enclosed transport trailers will cost a little more. There just aren’t as many trailers on the road, so it may take longer for you to find one. Also, chances are they already have a full trailer. This means you’ll have to pay competitively to beat out others for a spot. For smaller trailers that can only fit one or two other vehicles, you’ll have even more expenses. You see, drivers split the cost of gas, tolls, and other expenses between all the cars on the trailer. If your car is the only one on the trailer, that all comes out of your pocket.

The Winner is You!

Deciding which trailer is best for you really comes down to the type of vehicle you need to ship. For most people, an open transport trailer can save you time and money. However, for those with classic cars, luxury vehicles, and heavily modified vehicles, you may want to look into enclosed transport.

Talk to your shipping company to see what may be best for your vehicle. At Raleigh Auto Transport, we have a team of dedicated shipping professionals ready to help. The best part is that they include industry-leading insurance right there in their quote. That means whatever trailer option you pick, you can be sure it will arrive safe and secure. Get a free quote today delivered instantly to your inbox and see what Ralegh Auto Transport can do for you.

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