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Nursing Home: Testing Every 2 Weeks

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Raleigh, NC – Nursing home staff and residents are some of the most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. With North Carolina in stage-2 of its reopening process, the rate of infections needs to be up-to-date continuously.

New strategies to limit and monitor the spread of the virus are being put in place. While the state begins reopening, the most vulnerable are at a higher risk now, more than ever.

The Department Of Health has released a statement:

“North Carolina nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection,” Dr. Mandy Cohen said. “These additional testing and infection control resources enhance the ongoing work to guide and support long-term care facilities as they take extraordinary measures to protect residents and staff during COVID-19.”

By testing every two-weeks, the focus is on the elderly and medical staff. This allows resources to condense into more important sectors.

While other states are worsening, North Carolina cases remain low. The state would like to keep it that way and continue effective testing strategies

“As a part of the oversight strategy, the department has already completed on-site infection control inspections of North Carolina’s over 400 nursing homes. These inspections are one month ahead of schedule. “

Nursing Home Testing Helps Consolidate Testing Kits

The state is making forward progress ahead of schedule. This shows an improvement for support which the country has yet to see. Having testing kits ahead of time has been an issue that many states continue to face.

In addition to the new testing requirements, NCDHHS is adding ten regional infection control support teams. This will help long-term care facilities prevent COVID-19 transmission. This will manage outbreaks that occur. These teams will provide onsite infection prevention.

As the country looks to step-up it’s testing, North Carolina is in a good place. The state is showing preemptive strategies that will potentially save lives.

In order for many businesses to reopen, the state needs to be clear of COVID-19. This is if everyone does their part and wear their masks. Wearing a mask drastically reduces the spread. Another safety tip is to wash your food and groceries and hands continuously. With the necessary supplies to do this, it is easier now more-than-ever. Taking the necessary steps to limit the spread will help to speed up the process.

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