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North Carolina Coronavirus Cases Skyrocket: Prepare for More Pandemic

You are currently viewing North Carolina Coronavirus Cases Skyrocket: Prepare for More Pandemic
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North Carolina coronavirus cases have reached a new peak. In total, 66,513 North Carolina residents have tested positive. 1,373 of them have died. And daily cases are beginning to climb again.

Today, the count clocks in at 1,843 confirmed existing cases. On Tuesday, the count was at 1,186 active cases. That’s roughly 650 new cases reported in the span of a single day. In total, North Carolina has so far tested 942,238 individuals. 10% of the tests on Tuesday came back positive. Health officials say they would feel more comfortable with half that percentage.

Still, the state continues to discuss what all will reopen in the Fall. So what should we be prepared for?

North Carolina Coronavirus Cases: Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s ultimately up to local, state, and federal officials to make the calls on what phase of reopening we stay in or move onto. But this uptick in cases could cause some setbacks. Already, meat-packing plants are suffering. A new bill issued $10 million in grants for small to moderately sized plants and livestock producers. But that bill does not include safety requirements. And already 2,000 processing plant employees have tested positive in North Carolina.

The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages schools to plan to reopen in August. Remote learning may seriously harm the emotional and mental development of children and teens. However, there are currently no concrete plans. So get ready to adjust either way.

The trucking industry may continue to see an increased need for drivers. Many businesses remain shuttered. Those that do not are still feeling the weight of the pandemic. Some establishments can barely manage crowd control. Others suffer as customers opt to stay home out of fear for their safety.

As new information about the virus continues to emerge, be ready to change plans. As frustrating as it is, flexibility is a key survival tactic in these times.

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