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Nissan Leak Of The 2022 400Z Production Car Looks Pretty Impressive!

You are currently viewing Nissan Leak Of The 2022 400Z Production Car Looks Pretty Impressive!
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The Nissan Z Proto has been made a reveal as of last fall. It’s a production prototype. It gives us a glimpse at the way the new Z-car will look like. It’s going to be called the 400Z. Nissan has had their spokespeople say the following: “As always, it is exciting to see so much enthusiasm surrounding the rebirth of our legendary Z. Watch for upcoming announcements on Nissan’s all-new, next-generation sports car, which will debut later this year.” Looks like they’re leaning into the approach of going into the flow rather than saying “no-no-no.” It’s a twin-turbo V-6 with standard six-speed manuals. The car has an optional automatic transmission. Chances are, you’ll be treated to a Z Proto. Here’s the leak from Instagram.

The two 400Z Sports Cars are Final Production Models, which are seen in a silver and dark gray variants. They both possess similar rectuangular grilles as the prototypical model. Yet the dark gray has more of a chrome trim. Some other notable differences include huger headlights, as well as black wheels. Both of these vehicles have rear decklid spoilers. Bot to mention, that both cars have the capability of a black or body color roof.

Nissan really likes to make moves smoothly!

The 3.0-liter V-6 engine is modified from what was originally found in Nissan-competitors, Infiniti’s Q50 and Q60. The power output is supposedly 400 horsepower. This zooms way over the Toyota Supra and it’s 382 horses. As is such, they send to the rears enough power to give off a standard six-speed manual transmission. It doesn’t quite show the optional automatic gearbox. But the interior does have three gauges above the dashboard. There are also larger screens for the gauge cluster. Not to mention infotainment. 2022 Nissan 400Z is looking to come by at the end of the year. Being that as it may, pricing may go above $40,000.

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