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New Parking Meters Come to Raleigh

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RALEIGH, NC – New parking meters are coming to downtown Raleigh. Beginning in mid-October, drivers will see a big change in on-street metered parking.

Furthermore, the new on-street parking meters will include simple color screens for easy reading. In addition, the solar-powered meters will incorporate an easier way to make payment.

According to the city, the installation will begin in three phases.

The first phase will begin near the Hillsborough Street Corridor. The second installation will take place near the Glenwood South Corridor. And, finally the Downtown Central Business District.

Moreover, it is projected that the new parking meters will be completed by Jan. 30, 2020.

In addition to being solar-powered, each meter will be outfitted with a large back-lit color screen and multilingual user interface. Not to mention, the payment feature will give you the option to pay by simply entering your license plate and zone number.

Apart from this, you will still be able to use a card or coins. The Passport parking mobile app is also another way to make payment.

However, drivers will be required to enter their license plate number when paying for on-street parking.

This pay-by-plate technology incorporated in 2012 is commonly used in almost every city across the nation. Some of these cities include Durham, Miami, Richmond, Seattle, Denver, Pittsburg, Las Vegas, and Portland.

Furthermore, profits from the new on-street meters will go back into parking infrastructure, parking supply creation, safety improvements, and upgrading parking technology.

For more details on the new meter changes, visit the City of Raleigh’s website.

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