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Mercedes-Benz CLA Appears Strong With An Electric Powertrain

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to be fair, Mercedes has the electric power train game locked down. How is this the case? This is all due to their 48 V hybrid system exclusively released for the CLA lineup. Such a calibrated collective of machinery and hybrid technology this upgrade allows for extra low end power and attractive cosmetic upgrades. Already? How can you go wrong with the 2024 Mercedes-Benz CLA and all these new perks?

Let’s look at the front, rear and design improvements…

The redesign that is eminent for the CLA involves a minor facelift. Some may argue this is fan service for the oil loyal Mercedes fans of the compact four-door. But there’s more to it than just that. For instance, a brand-new shaping of the front fascia while the grill is swapped out for a Mercedes star-spangled design. Additionally, other visual changes include redesign headlights and tail lights. These are able to drop the lower portion of the daytime running lights. Mercedes also is including two different color options for the paint job of the CLA. You could either go with hyper blue or starling blue. To sweeten the deal there are also three different wheel designs that are now joining the lineup.

Regarding the push of new features within the model…

CLA of 2024 utilizes the 48 V hybrid system to assist with acceleration. One may even notice that the trim of the Mercedes CLA 45S is able to go from full stop to 60 mph in only four seconds.

If you look inside, the standard display screen has grown with the width of a 10.3 inch instrument cluster in an equivalent touchscreen each running the latest MBUX infotainment software.

There are three different display styles including a sporty version with dynamic tachometer, a fully informative Classic and even the minimalist discreet setting.

Safety systems have also been updated with parking assist and even a mirror package. Yet Mercedes-Benz has still kept “mum” on whether or not the pricing will exceed previous model years however they are confident that the model for 2024 will arrive in US dealerships no later than later in 2023.

The truth of the matter is that Mercedes will always find a way to stay at head of the pack when it comes to class the usage of eco-friendly propulsion. Where the trouble lies is when the rest of the pack catches up to AMG. What will happen then when the Kings of luxury and essentially the Heirs to electric vehicles stardom are suddenly dismounted from their rule?

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