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Maserati MC20 Offers So Much To Love As A Convertible

You are currently viewing Maserati MC20 Offers So Much To Love As A Convertible
Maserati is blowing away the competition with the MC20. And when you look at the Cielo version, it comes with an excellent sunroof.
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Maserati has brought about the MC20 last year with an excellent design. And now it’s going to be amazing with the Cielo model. And it’s certainly the most innovative Maserati model that comes with an excellent active glass roof. In fact, that glass roof is able to turn dark or clear, while only folding in about 12 seconds. Certainly, the convertible is about 143 pounds more heavy than the coupe. Of course, the Maserati shown off the MC20 before being anything more than a junior supercar.

When you see the Cielo, it will be a revelation for you as a Maserati fan, being that it’s also a convertible.

So what do we like about the Maserati MC20 Convertible?

Roadster versions of supercars were forced to sacrifice the ideal doors of their permanently roofed siblings. The Cielo allows the coupe to utilize the butterflu opening doors. They allow for a rotate and hinge upwards to allow access. Driver’s are going to be able to use five dynamic modes through the rotary controller within the center of the cockpit. It can change colors accordingly to which mode you wish to set, with ESC OFF as orange, Corsa as yellow, Sport as red, GT as blue and Wet as green.

The Cielo has additional revisions are well-integrated into the 2023 MC20 coupe. These involve a new suite active safety systems with a 360-degree camera, as well traffic sign recognition and an autonomous emergency braking along with the blind-spot monitoring. It’s available in an Acquamarina color. This can be available exclusively on the Primaserie first edition.

There’s certain pricing details that can anticipate the Cielo carrying the sizeable supplement over the Coupe’s $216,995 starting price. However, you can see a lingering suspicion as well on our part that so many buyers will be ready to pay for breezy thrills of the pristine roadster.

Like many a supercar, though, the MC20 comes with its own specific set of drawbacks. While its suspension is compliant enough for the occasional road trip, the car’s cargo capacity is miniscule; you’ll need your administrative assistant to follow you with your luggage. Maserati also offers virtually no driver-assistance features on the MC20; there’s no adaptive cruise control or lane-keeping assist. So be it. From the view out the windshield to its cacophony of wild engine sounds to its swell performance, the MC20 is made for hard-core enthusiast drivers with the money to indulge themselves in a car with overwhelming character.

the MC20’s handling is race-car sharp. Despite the MC20’s otherworldly performance, its ride is reasonably compliant with the adaptive suspension in its most comfortable mode; it soaks up bumps well enough to consider driving it daily or taking it on a road trip.

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