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Man Accused of Child Abuse Insists Innocence

You are currently viewing Man Accused of Child Abuse Insists Innocence
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RALEIGH, N.C. – Ryan Bushey, a 34-year-old man from Raleigh, pleaded his innocence in court on Monday. The man was accused of child abuse – inflicting physical injuries to a young boy in his care. As a result, he could face up to seventeen years in prison if convicted. Apparently, he appeared before the judge on Monday and denied the charges. In fact, he stated that he believes he was framed.

According to investigators, Bushey babysat the 3-year-old boy in November, when the attack allegedly occurred. Prosecutors claim that the boy told his mother about the attacks afterward. The mother, a friend of Bushey’s, was at work during the incident. However, she noticed the injuries when she saw him.

They took the child to Wake Med to get his injuries looked at. There, they took photos of the little boy’s injuries. The photos revealed injuries to several parts of his body, including his neck, back, face, chest, arm pit, and genital area.

A prosecutor also told the judge that the young boy reported that it was his “Uncle Ryan” who did this to him. However, Bushey claims that he drove the child to the hospital and that therefore it could not have been him who caused the injuries. Later this month, Bushey is going to appear in court again. It is unclear whether or not the judge will convict him at that time.

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