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Longest Living Shoreline Restored by the Marines and State Organizations

You are currently viewing Longest Living Shoreline Restored by the Marines and State Organizations
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Longest Living Shoreline Project

The Living Shoreline Rehabilitation project on the North Carolina coast has the Marine Corps partnering with state and national organizations.

Longest Living Shoreline Gets Major Funding

Last month, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration, or REPI, program had announced a $1 million award. This is to fund the planting 2,100 linear feet of living shoreline which would be along the Neuse River bordering the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. This is 18 miles southeast of New Bern.

Additional Monies Awarded for Shoreline Repair

An additional 5,600 linear feet of shoreline will go for repair along the river. As well as an additional $8 million in funding. The Pew Charitable Trusts’ conservation efforts, Duke University and the N.C. Coast Federation is working with the military.

From the west of Raleigh, there are headwaters of the 275-mile long river. The banks swell near New Bern forming a slow-moving estuary as the river creeps into Pamlico Sound. Near Cherry Point, at its broadest, the river is 6 nautical miles wide.

Addressing Weather Challenges at Shoreline

Natural flora and fauna go into the banks of the Neuse River. Moreover, So the waterfront will be more resilient to the impact of severe weather.

A Hurricane Created Erosion

Hurricane Florence in 2018 has increased erosion along the river’s shoreline, said Jessica Guilianelli, MCAS Cherry Point Natural Resources Manager, said.

Moreover, battering the shoreline from the wave energy of the north winds caused significant erosion, she said. Therefore, wind and natural phenomena are inevitable. However, The MCAS Cherry Point Natural Resources said is closely looking at its resilience to water.

High Volume of Calm Weather

The airfield also trained Marines for the Pacific theater. Moreover, it was Cunningham Field in 1942 for coastal defense during World War II. However, the location of the base was selected because of its high volume of calm weather, said MCAS Cherry Point public affairs office 1st Lt. Aaron Ladd.

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