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High Beams: Shine On, Kenworth W990! You Majestic Beast!

You are currently viewing High Beams: Shine On, Kenworth W990! You Majestic Beast!
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Kenworth has been known for decades as being a never ending symbol of American empowerment. But throughout the years, which model has that resonated with most? If you need a hint, well climb aboard the Kenworth W990. Because this truck will drive you in the right direction. It has a certain panache that you scarcely find in other makes and models. Firm power and plush luxury combined, it makes for a real great time. With it comes a refined classic that hasn’t changed all that much at all.

One of the most notable additions is the NAV+ HD! An in-dash display that lets you navigate with updated maps, gaze upon virtual gauges (from the transmission to engine torque.) As well as spot your rear with a camera and utilize Bluetooth technology for in-cab hands-free phone usage. It also features Google Chrome to use on the down-low.

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the Kenworth W990.

It’s peak horsepower is 510 with a comparative torque of 1,850 lbs-feet per 1,000 rpm. The 12.9-liter PACCAR MX-13 engine is sure to power your heavy-duty duties all throughout the livelong day. There comes also a transmission with twelve gears and an axle that can handle 80,000 lbs. (GCW) and 40,000 lbs. in tandem (GAWR.) This type of machine will allow you to bring the horsepower you desire for higher-grade jobs. It’s clutch engagement torque is measured at 937 lbs-feet at a rough 800 rpm. Capacity of the Oil System is about 42 quarts (United States measurements.)

When it comes to components of the PACCAR powertrain, they’re actually designed really well to operate at any low rpm you can think of. This is ever so defiant in spite of friction, road speed, and fuel consumption. When you get your hands on one of these Kenworth W990s, you almost don’t want to hold on to anything else.

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