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Halloween Events Imminent As Citizens Prep For Family-Friendly Activities

You are currently viewing Halloween Events Imminent As Citizens Prep For Family-Friendly Activities
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Now that COVID-19 is easier to fight, there are all sorts of Halloween events occurring around town. Given that state of less emergency, our town will have a collective of events to enjoy this Halloween.

On Saturday, there’ll be plenty to do around Raleigh. The 30th holds all sorts of ghoulish good times. Including a Trunk or Treat from about 5 pm to 7 pm at Sanderford Road Park. Also, candy bags are to be handed all over. It’s FREE and open to all. Also, there’s an event where they gather taxidermied animals at the Walnut Creek Wetland Center from 10 in the morning to about 6:30 pm. The trick of this treat? The animals are dressed up in costumes.

Additionally, there’s a fall festival occurring at the John Chavis Memorial Park, going on from 11 am to about 2 in the afternoon. It’s there that you’ll come across treats, arts and crafts, music, and games at the FREE Festival. There’s no registration needed from this either. Additionally, there’s a spooky collective of fortune-tellers, magicians, and pumpkin decorations occurring at Moore Square tomorrow. (The name of the event is Spellbound Square.) Free registration is encouraged.

Additionally, there are also Halloween events occurring at the Pullen Arts Center from 10 in the morn to four in the afternoon.

This involves an arts and crafts center as well as a scavenger hunt.

As for Sunday, there’ll be a couple of different events, such as Family Nature Storytime: Pumpkins. That’s the real name. It’s an event that will likely be well-designed for preschool children.

And if it wasn’t beloved enough the first time, well then another day of Guess The Costume at Walnut Creek Wetland Center, will be sure to wow the crowd. This, of course, is the same instance where you will see dressed-up taxidermied animals.

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