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General Motors Recalls 725,000 Terrain SUVs With Bright Headlights

You are currently viewing General Motors Recalls 725,000 Terrain SUVs With Bright Headlights
General Motors is en-route to recalling the Terrain SUVs from bright headlights that are totally disrupting the experience of car buyers.
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There are plans for 725,000 GMC Terrains to be recalled because of the SUV headlights. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has collected enough information on the GMC Terrains. Every model from the 2010 model to the 2017 one. This is under the claim that the headlights are able to generate too much “glare to other motorists driving in proximity.” This especially being true within the snow and fog.

Through a denial of petition, the NHTSA is posting on the Federal Register regarding the headlights within the Terrains to be too bright from vantage points. Headlamps would house illuminations about two small areas way high up from the vehicle when measured according to federal motor vehicle safety standards, from a return that shows about 450 to 470 candela. This would be about three times brighter than certian measurement points according to the NHTSA.

General Motors Buyers Have An Issue With The SUVs’ Headlights.

The NHTSA will consider an exemption for the Terrain headlight issue with no “reflection has no effect on vehicle safety for oncoming or surrounding vehicles.”  This is all with the understanding that about 726,959 Terrains made between May 21st, 2009 and July 13th, 2017 are involved in the recall.

GM makes it known that there are only some Terrains has replacement headlight parts can’t cause the glare and the problem fixed for 2018 and other model year Terrains. The automaker can absolutely “review NHTSA’s decision and explore potential next steps.”

For the most part, General Motors has said that they hadn’t been aware of any crashes or injuries from customer inquiries.

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