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  • How can I obtain a quote for my auto shipment?

You can fill out and submit the form on our website and one of our agents will contact you. Or you can call us at (919) 516-9545 and one of our agents will assist you immediately.


  • Can I still obtain a quote if I don’t have the address planned out?

Yes. You can enter or tell us the most-specific information you have. If you know the zip code, that will work. However, in the case that you do not know the address and only know the city you are shipping your vehicle to, we can still calculate the cost of your auto-shipment and give you an estimate. It will be the closest way of knowing the cost.


  • Will my vehicle be insured?

Yes, we provide our customers with full covered insurance. There are no extra costs, it is included in the shipping fee. Your vehicle will be insured the entire time it is with us.


  • What will the cost of my car shipping be?

The cost of your auto shipment depends entirely on a few factors.

– Vehicle type: The size and weight of it.

– Carrier type: We have open trailers and enclosed trailers, you can choose whichever fits your preference.

– Mileage: The number of miles from the pickup location to the drop off address.

– Location: Metro or rural area.

– Modifications: Depends if your vehicle is lowered, lifted, larger tires, racks on top, etc.

– Seasonal variations: Seasonal supply and demand change on certain routes.


  • What is Door-To-Door car transportation?

Door-to-door means that our truck drivers pick up your vehicle from the address you provide us with (usually house address) and drop it off straight in front of your desired destination. However, keep in mind that some cities’ regulations that do not allow large trucks to enter certain residential areas. Auto transport trucks are large and need a lot of space to maneuver and turn around. So, if the address you provide us with is in an area that forbids large trucks, you should let us know so we inform the driver and arrange the pick-up or drop off at a nearby location.


  • Can I leave my personal belongings in my vehicle during the shipment?

It is not recommended that you leave personal items in your vehicle. Sometimes it might harm your vehicle or get damaged during transportation. However, you can place items no more than 100lbs in the trunk of your vehicle at no extra cost.


  • What type of vehicles do you ship besides cars?

Raleigh Auto Transport ships pretty much everything. We transport vans, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, military equipment and heavy machinery. However, we do not ship any household items. We are strictly an auto shipping company.


  • How can I check on the status of my order?

You can contact one of your dispatchers with the number we provide you once your order is placed and processed. We also track your shipment and give you updates as much as we can. We will also give you the drivers number that will be delivering your vehicle. You are allowed to contact the driver for updates.