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What Does Electric Need To Endure?

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Electric vehicles are slowly taking over the automotive landscape. With the likes of Tesla, GM, Toyota, and many other heavy hitters moving into the electric fray, the roadblock will be plenty. But what do these industries need to do to keep electricity moving forward?

Electric Fast Charging Stations

You know that feeling when you are low on gas and the anxiety sets in until you get to your closest gas station?

That is a common occurrence for many EV drivers. In highly populated areas such as Los Angeles, the number of fast-charging stations is pretty common. Unfortunately for the large swaths of land between rural areas, these sights are much less common.

In order for more people to buy into the idea, the idea needs to be more accommodating. The fast chargers also with time will be faster when charging. The average wait time for a full charge on the most common EVs is around 40 minutes. That, frankly, is a long time. For those who own a Tesla, the trip to refueling might make a day of your trip.

EV’s Are Expensive

The expense of the EV has targeted the more affluent side of the consumer market. This has helped to ensure the industry’s foothold. While many in cities drive electric cars due to their benefit for the environment, the concept caters to those who wish to not be subjugated to rising fuel prices.

Unfortunately, the cars have a price tag. When Ford unveiled its Model-T the revolutionized methods made the cars easier to produce and made them affordable to the public. One of the main contributors to the price is the battery. The biggest cost of the battery is Cobalt. Fortunately, Tesla is working on this solution by finding alternative and cheaper parts for their vehicles.

To make the way for the EV industry, the cars need to meet the consumer demand. Once they do, people will need a high-quality shipping service to get their new cars home. Make sure you get in touch with the pros at Raleigh Auto Transport to ship your car with ease!

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