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Downtown Food Truck Rodeo Threatened By Delta Variant

You are currently viewing Downtown Food Truck Rodeo Threatened By Delta Variant
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The food truck rodeo event has had to be canceled. On August 1st, it was planned to be a real welcome “welcome back” for normalcy’s sake. Of course, disaster struck and now there has been a spreading strain of coronavirus, connected to the Delta variant. Due to the pushback, there has since been a Facebook post regarding the downtown postponement. According to them: “This will ensure that we have time to take into account the new challenges.”

So obviously, it was supposedly big enough for beyond 40 food trucks to get together and occupy beyond 10 city blocks downtown. The event, while being outside is still open enough to catch a shooting cough.

In North Carolina alone, beyond 5,400 brand new COVID-19 infections have flourished. And beyond 2,000 on Saturday. For one day? That hasn’t happenned since April 30th. There would have been plenty to enjoy, but it would not be recommended during this unprecedented time. “Anyone that is canceling a large gathering because of the concern of the Delta variant, I’m grateful for that,” according to Dr. Robin Peace with UNC Health Southeastern. “I don’t believe that there is a safe way to hold such an event,” she said. “You can require masks, but just as sure as we are speaking, there are going to be people that aren’t going to keep the mask on for an extended period of time.”

Supposedly, Raleigh Convention Center is going to handle GalaxyCon and the Red Hat Amphitheatre has events as well. But if the COVID metrics keep spiking like this? Who knows?

We may be looking at another lockdown downtown

Vaccines will have to be the saving grace in this equation. Because otherwise, people are only going to continue getting infected. And that can’t simply be good for anyone. The numbers will have to stay low for life to continue so downtown.

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