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Disastrous Devon GTX Was A Quintessential Supercar That Drove Too Far

You are currently viewing Disastrous Devon GTX Was A Quintessential Supercar That Drove Too Far
The Devon GTX was everything that we knew it couldn't possibly be. It had 650-horsepower, 8.4-liter V10-torque and zero chance of success.
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Regarding the Devon GTX, it has a torque that handles the 650-horsepower along with an 8.4-liter V10-torque. That may sound impressive to you. However, it is largely an unpopular car.

Back in 2008, Devon Motorworks had been created in 2008. It fired about two models before production would stop in 2010.

There have been a GTX prototype only popped up. This only popped forwards a couple of times for the next 12 years. Now, the first prototype is resurfacing once more as the vehicle comes forward for a new owner on eBay.

The Devon GTX is an Odd Duck.

It’s not of the greatest timing with the Devon Motorworks. Scott Devon had launched it right towards the Great Recession. Which tended to be one of the worst times to spark people into spending about $500,000. Yet, Devon the car company wasn’t bent to stop that. 2009 saw a very motivating press release. ““Devon MotorWorks Introduces Next Great American Supercar.”

GTX was very likely to be a hit, but it didn’t turn out to be. Because of the carbon fiber design, it was almost a little too ambitious. The vehicle could move at about 6100 rpm.

There’s also a revised intake system that pairs well with stainless-steel exhaust. Suspension is properly cast with unequal-length wishbones. Both on the front and the rear with coil-over shocks. The steering is done well with power-assisted rack. Bring in the 15-inch rotors on the front with six-pistn calipers and even a standard center-lock and you’ll see that it’s been forged 18-inch frot and 19-inch rear alloy wheels. Active damping tends to be planned well.

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