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Cyberquad Is Mimicked To Perfection By Hot Wheels

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There’s been little to no news about the Tesla Cyberquad, given that Tesla also has several other projects to launch with the Cybertruck. The idea is that even though they’re taking forever, Hot Wheels themselves is also launching another model.

Tesla buddied up with Hot Wheels so that they could create two remote-controlled Cybertoys. The designers are in cahoots with Tesla with the intention to make this RC-variant of the electric truck and ATV true to their design.

As a result, the company did end up waiting a while until releasing the launch of the 1/10 scale RC-Cybertruck. Now, apparently, an update will be hitting the shelves on Friday. Their statement was this: “Hot Wheels® Cybertruck R/C is a 1:10 scale version of the innovative electric truck and now is your chance to get behind the wheel, with a driver that looks exactly the same! At just $100, this futuristic masterpiece includes a free-motion Cyberquad and a controller that mimics the innovative steering wheel. You won’t believe how this cybernetic beast improves everything in its path. ”

New photos have since been flying all over the Internet.

It’s felt like a year since Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed us “one more thing.” The resounding joy brought by him on stage came in the form of the Tesla Cyberquad when it was driven onto the back of a Cybertruck’s bed.

It was then that it was unclear, whether Tesla had any plans to begin with when making the electric ATV accessible. Eventually, Elon Musk did say the Cyberquad would be available for Cybertruck buyers.

There hasn’t been word about the Cyberquad since.

There have been others who couldn’t wait that long for Tesla and ended up making their own contraptions. Versions of which allow the electric ATV to go up to speeds of 100 miles per hour. Tesla themselves have been getting closer to bringing the Cybertruck into production. There is no real awareness if the ATV itself would even launch like so, but for sure, the Hot Wheels version is maintaining excellence.

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