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Cyberquad: Meet Tesla’s All-Electric ATV Prototype

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When was the last time you remember off-roading? I’ll go first, since it’s only my voice I hear. My friends and I love soccer. And after a scrimmage down the way, they were curious to know my experience with ATVs. By the way, at this age, people knew me as “the go-kart kid.” That was because my parents let my brother, sister and I drive around the neighborhood with a blue and yellow dune buggy. To this day, I miss the rev and tread of that awesome beast of a machine. So to ride an ATV made me assume it would be second-nature to me. That, it was not. A very jerky machine that is dependent on the weight of the passenger, their ideas of “fun” ended up making me more fearful than fearless. I haven’t been on an ATV since. All that said, what makes the Cyberquad any different?

For starters, it’s a Tesla.

That means it’s all-electric, all off-road and all triangle-y. Points to Tesla for staying true to form with this Cyberquad. By the way, there aren’t many details on it, seeing how it’s a prototype. But, if you must know, Rich Rebuilds made a copy with the same powertrain that was able to rev up to 60 miles per hour in a matter of seconds. (A little under four, to put it quickly.)

Don’t Be A Fool: The Cyberquad Is Just Getting Started

This e-ATV won’t hit the markets to buy until later on in 2021. And while no pricetag has been made on the first of Tesla’s off-roading line, it’s certain to be a hefty way to pay.

Even if you afford the Cybertruck in addition, there may only be a slight markdown for the total price of the Cybertruck / Cyberquad duo. Only time will tell.

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