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Customer Reviews


Customer ReviewsThe most important thing for any business company customers’ satisfaction is a number one priority for us. Raleigh Auto Shipping always does its best to get back a positive feedback.  Our customers know they can be sure that their vehicles are in safe hands. For a company, knowing that its customers happy is the Here you can check out some of our customer reviews.


John S.

My contact in office was pretty good giving all the info about the shipping process I needed to know before booking the order with any of the companies I requested quotes from. However, information on the late pickup was not informed in advance. Thanks to Raleigh Auto Transport team! (reviewed on 02/16/2016)


Olivia H.

Once I started researching car shipping companies in Los Angeles I experienced a huge volume of calls, texts, and emails from over 20 car moving companies. Working with Raleigh Auto Transport was like a breath of fresh air. I had a car shipped from San Antonio, TX to Raleigh, NC. The original timeline was my car being picked up on Wednesday and shipped to my door the following Monday. My car was just like I sent it and the driver was on time and took very good care of my car. And will use them again, definitely. Great job. Thanks! (reviewed on 05/24/2016)


Ashley T.

The process was very easy. I called them, talked to the agent, and he gave me all the information. The whole process did not take long at all, and I’m very happy that I chose the guys over. They took a good care of my car. (reviewed on 03/07/2017)


Alvaro G.

The driver showed up on time and helped me get into the details. The pickup was successful, and my vehicle was delivered as expected. Thanks for the great experience! (reviewed on 08/29/2017)


Paul L.

It’s amazing how fast they organized the whole shipment. I have my car shipped in last than one week. I called them on Monday, got a pickup date for Wednesday and the vehicle was already shipped on Friday. Could not ask for more. (reviewed on 10/27/2017)


Grace T.

The best car shipping ever! These guys are profs in their job. My car was shipped on Thursday and was delivered on Sunday as I wanted. The team handled my car like a precious thing (I saw the driver attaching my car to the trailer). Thank you for the safe transport! (reviewed on 11/15/2017)