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Bear Spotted On Horton Road Around House Creek Trail

You are currently viewing Bear Spotted On Horton Road Around House Creek Trail
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Earlier on Wednesday, there as a bear cub that was spotted moving around a civilian’s home near House Creek Trail. The system has been known to set off due to leaves. But in this case, it was a bear cub.

This little scamp is doing enough to trigger alarms.

Just roaming about the driveway. Of course, the owner wasn’t home but the bear would wander through her grounds, just wondering if anybody was even home. Loud noises like car that passes by tend to spook the bear a little bit. The mother is supposedly around but not close enough to be justifiably scared. It’s just one of those things where you would hope that you don’t see a bear all that often. And when you do, that you know exactly how to prevent a further interaction.

The snake season is also upon us. So when you do come across a bear, please “bear in mind…” .

…To back away slow-like, find a good escape plan, an actual noise can be made to scare it from a distance or the animal can become larger to intimidate you. The bears that were spotted in the North Hills weeks ago had been spotted all over,

The local animal control has revealed if there are any plans where they can allow for trapping the animals. They said something like this: “Definitely raises some questions if this is the same animal or a group of bears, or it’s the same one.”

You have to avoid bears carefully when they are active. Birdfeed “rewards” bears by tempting them into coming back to get food. Take your food storage areas and hide them from the bears. There needs to be animal-proof storage. Camping spaces are not the right area where you want to keep the clothes you wear from the night before on.

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