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Audi Urbansphere Paints Itself As A Luxury Minivan

You are currently viewing Audi Urbansphere Paints Itself As A Luxury Minivan
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Audi released another one of three “Sphere” concepts. The first being the Skysphere convertible, the second being the Grandsphere sedan. And now, they’re out with the Audi Urbansphere.

But What Is So Cool About The Audi Urbansphere?

There’s something real nice about the Audi Urbansphere. From the stylish headlights to the closed-off grille, this vehicle seems to have something for everyone. Of course, the proportions are equal to an average minivan. But under the short hood, comes a long streak of potential. We’re talking about a swept windshield. We’re speaking of plenty of glass. An Upright tailgate. The whole of the hull of the Audi Urbansphere is about 217.0 inches in length and 79.1 inches in width. Of course, there’s an additional 70.0 inches of headroom.

Granted, with only four seats, the inside of the Audi Urbansphere was pretty neat. Check out the elegance found in the lounge chairs for instance, that are able to swivel, sway and recline in all sorts of fashions. It’s an electric vehicle that rides oh-so-naturally with the PPE platform. It underpins on the Audi electric vehicles, along with the A6 e-tron.

This is really a class-act example of amazing battery packs Audi has coming out.

Audi is packing a punch in the electric battery. with about 120.0 kilowatt hours and electric motors produce about 396 horsepower with 509 pound-feet pee torque.

The Chinese market really is making the concept car a focal point. This vehicle is very popular. Lexus and Buick are offering plenty of different options.

Furthermore, the Audi Urbansphere offers a Premium Platform Electric EV architecture with a battery that is located between the axles. The dual-motor setup shows that the Urbansphere can utilize the quattro all-wheel-drive system to it’s advantage.

It’s certainly no surprise to us, as Audi has always stood for excellence above the competition. In which case, it really gives off a shine of brilliance. There’s nothing that can stop the Audi from turning over all the reluctant Internal Combustion Engine users. The Audi Urbansphere travels up to 466 miles, according to the WLTP standards. The vehicle itself can power forward with DC fast-charging with plenty of battery power.

If you have no idea how else the Audi Urbansphere can be a real maverick in this world, perhaps it’s time for you to get a general idea of how excellent the vehicle can be for your 2022! Make the purchase and it won’t be an investment you won’t soon regret.

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