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Artsplosure Festival Comes Back To Downtown: Here’s What’s Happening!

You are currently viewing Artsplosure Festival Comes Back To Downtown: Here’s What’s Happening!
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The pandemic has ravaged lives all around. And certainly, it’s no different when it comes to the festivals of art that have been on a delay. Luckily, Artsplosure is coming back October 9th through 10th in Downtown, all along Fayetteville Street. And we have the scoop on all the happenings when it comes to this inclusive all-ages event.

For starters, Artsplosure is FREE, and is happening, rain or shine!

Artsplosure was postponed and canned in 2020, once the coronavirus hit. And the delay of the event led it from March to this month. But finally, organizers are going to create a big atmosohere this year. And the marketing director for Artsplosure, Lucy Tobias, is very-well aware of how to make that happen. With 170 artist booths, and two stages on both sides of Fayetteville Street dispensing ongoing musical acts, it’s sure to be a thrill. Lucy Tobias herself says that Artsplosure “provides a physical space for the community to come together and celebrate our mission of ‘Art for all.'”

Music planned for the event includes several artists performing, from R&B artist Son Little to country-headliner Brittney Spencer. Additionally, plenty of folk and soul will be performed by Christopher Paul Stelling and Bassel and the Supernaturals respectively.

The artwork portion will feature plenty of blocks covered from 11 am to 7 pm on Saturday and from 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday. There’s plenty to purchase when you think of photographs, ceramics and fiber art as well as jewelry, metal sculptures, and 3D art. When you are interesting yourself to see ceramics up-close, locals are willing to offer the live pottery demos as one of many installations, given that it’s what organizers are planning, activities’-wise. That’s what matters. Finally, have your family there for the interactive exhibits. It’s all exciting.

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