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Airport Zooms Ahead Of Travel In 2023 Compared To 2022

You are currently viewing Airport Zooms Ahead Of Travel In 2023 Compared To 2022
Airports like these are seeing more passengers than ever before.
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If you know anything about the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, then you’ll know how it’s having quite the fluctuation in activity, compared to the rates of the past year. Travel has gone up so very far, in comparison to last year’s own passenger data. And this is definitely useful because the fact is, there needed to be some sort of increase of profit after the total mess corona virus made out of 2020 and 2021. So it’s definitely great that RDU has improved their own air travel. Of course, the port of flight served countless passengers. In January 2023 alone, around 884,984 passengers took flight. All a big jump from the year before.

Granted after the holidays, it’s not surprising to see that the amount of travelers has gone down at about 13.7%. Yet, it’s reached up to about 40% from the same time last year. It’s really necessary to make sure that travel is continuously upheld to a higher standard. Not to mention there’s a big push for more convenience to travelers and further destinations in previously unreachable places.

That’s definitely a plus to anyone who looks to travel in and out of North Carolina for the hopes that you may have in reaching new heights.

Certain improvements that have been made at the airport involve all sorts of facets, like a relocation of terminals for Avelo airlines, and six direct flights coming in hot from RDU in the past month alone. As it turns out, this is great news for folks heading out of Raleigh as it lets traveler access more destinations in Florida as well, such as Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Tampa. Not to mention the inclusion of Orlando and Sarasota.

The local taxi service, Taxi Taxi, is going to keep on providing service to travelers under the agreement that had been previously approved by the Airport Authority Board. Such an agreement is stating how Taxi Taxi is going to have a walk-up service from the curbside and will even operate a 24-hour call center that is open everyday of the year.

Taxi demand stays strong for the airport, as Taxi Taxi continues to provide countless trips from the airport, all in accordance to the release. Such an airport has different types of practices available as a part of the sustainability program.

RDU will continue to expand their accessibility for airlines to prepare for rising numbers of frequent flyers.

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