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Enclosed car shippingEnclosed Car Shipping

What is Enclosed Car Shipping?

Enclosed car shipping means that your car is shipped in an enclosed trailer.  So, the risk of damaging the vehicle is almost 0% in case of enclosed car shipping. In addition,  If you own a luxury car and want it to be delivered to your desired destination safely you can rest assured that enclosed car transport is the best option for you.


When to choose enclosed auto transport?

We recommend our enclosed car shipping service to our customers who own classic, exotic or luxury cars. Moreover, we recommend them to use enclosed car shipping service because this kind of car transport guarantees the best protection for their vehicle.


Extra car protection


At Raleigh Auto Transport we know that you want your vehicle to arrive in the same condition as you left it. Therefore you don’t need to concern about weather conditions or road dirt when you transport your luxury car in an enclosed trailer. This is the main difference between open and enclosed car shipping.


Skillful truckers


Enclosed car shipping requires truckers to have enough knowledge as well as skills and experience in luxury and classic cars. At Raleigh Auto Transport we cooperate only with well-skilled and professional drivers who will treat your vehicle as their own. Furthermore, we give you the contacts of truckers so that you can get information about your vehicle directly from the driver.



Enclosed Car Transport with Raleigh Auto Transport


Raleigh Auto Transport is specialized in enclosed car shipping. Therefore, our customers who shipped their vehicles by using our enclosed car transport are very pleased with our service. You can choose our enclosed car transport as well. In addition, our enclosed car transport service differs from the other companies’ enclosed car shipping service. Here are the reasons why customers prefer our enclosed type of car shipping:


We Ship Nationwide

Raleigh Auto Transport conducts enclosed car shipping across 50 states of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.


We Ship Almost All Kinds of Vehicles

With Raleigh Auto Transport You can ship many types of vehicles. You can ship car, van, boats, trucks, and motorcycles.


All Kinds of Car Shipping Services Available with Us

In Raleigh Auto Transport we provide different types of car shipping services to our customers. Besides of enclosed car shipping open, door-to-door as well as expedited types of car shipping are available to us. So, You can choose whatever option is most convenient for you.


Free Quote is Available

Our free quote is available on our website. You can fill it out. We will review it and get back you with pricing and scheduling information as soon as possible.


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